​What happens after companies report reviews?

If a company reports a review that violates our guidelines, the reviewer may be asked to edit it. If the review can't be made compliant, it may be removed.

Reporting a review is the first step in a structured process handled by our Compliance Team. This process takes time and the action taken depends on the reason(s) the review has been reported.

1. Reporting a review generates a ticket

When a company reports a review, it generates a ticket in the system used by our Compliance Team. This ticket enters a queue of requests to be assessed and handled by one of our Compliance Agents.

2. Our Compliance Team handles the ticket

Compliance Agents assess each ticket individually to see if there is a breach of our User Guidelines for the reason(s) the review is reported. If we need the reviewer to change their review or provide documentation, we'll contact them to explain what we need and request action within 7 days.

However, if reviewers don't understand exactly what's needed, we may need to go back and forth several times with them. We handle these cases as quickly as we can, but complicated tickets take time to solve.

Note that we remove reviews but don't delete them, so if a reviewer comes back to us after 7 days with documentation or edits their review to meet our guidelines, we can reinstate it.

3. The review is put back online or kept offline

Companies often want to know: Will I be notified about the outcome of a reported review? How will I know the result?

We notify businesses if a review they have reported is reinstated. Our Compliance Team sends an email to the email address attached to the company's business account. (Tip: If you haven't received these emails, try checking which email address is attached to your business account.)

If a reported review is kept offline because the issue has not been resolved, a notification email will be sent to the business user who made the report.

When are reviews put back online?

Reported reviews can be put back online if:

  • the report is invalid - the review doesn't breach our User Guidelines for the reason(s) specified, or there's not enough evidence to establish a breach, or
  • the reviewer has changed their review to resolve the problem identified

When a company disagrees with a reviewer about the facts stated in a review, this alone is insufficient to remove the review. Unlike a court of law, Trustpilot doesn't have the ability to make a finding as to which version of the facts is correct, so we must take a neutral stance. We do, however, suggest that companies reply to reviews to provide their account of what happened.

To make sure you're reporting reviews correctly, see the reasons for which companies can report reviews, including helpful tips. We also recommend that companies follow our best practices for reporting.

If a company repeatedly reports reviews in an invalid way, we consider this misuse of Trustpilot's reporting function and may temporarily block the company from using this feature.

Can a company edit or change the report?

Once a review has been reported and the information submitted, it can't be edited. Businesses who need to edit a reporting reason should email compliance@trustpilot.com stating the problem and which review it affects (including the username of the reviewer).

Due to the number of messages we receive, it may take some time to handle the request and respond. We therefore recommend that companies ensure they report reviews correctly in the first instance.