​What happens after businesses flag reviews?

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We assess whether the review violates our guidelines for the reason it was flagged, and if it does, we take action.

Flagging a review is part of a structured process handled by our Content Integrity Team.

1. Flagging a review generates a ticket

A review can only be flagged for one reason at a time. When a review is flagged, it generates a ticket in the system used by our Content Integrity Team. This ticket enters a queue of requests to be handled by one of our Content Integrity Agents.

Only reviews flagged as "harmful or illegal" are hidden during the investigation process.

2. The ticket is assessed

Content Integrity Agents assess whether the review breaches our guidelines for the specific reason chosen by the business.

If we need the reviewer to change their review or provide documentation, we'll contact them to explain what we need and request action within 3 days. However, if reviewers don't understand exactly what's needed, we may need to go back and forth several times with them. We handle these cases as quickly as we can, but complicated tickets take time to solve.

3. The ticket is solved

Our Content Integrity Team will let you know the outcome of their investigation and whether the review will stay online or be removed.

Review stays online

A review stays online if it doesn't breach our guidelines for the reason specified, if there's not enough evidence to establish a breach, or if the reviewer resolved the identified problem.

Review is removed

A review can be removed if it doesn't meet our guidelines and the identified problem can't be resolved or isn't resolved by the reviewer.

We don't delete reviews, so if a reviewer comes back to us at a later date and sends documentation or updates their review, it could be reinstated.

Check the status of a flagged review

We update the status of each flagged review as the investigation progresses. Click on the flag icon below the review for more information.

Review status: investigating

Alternatively, head to Manage reviews > Service reviews > Flagging activity for an overview of all the reports you've made. Read more here.

Can I edit or delete my request?

Once a review has been flagged and the information submitted, it can't be edited or deleted. If you want to change your request, please contact our Content Integrity Team and let us know the problem, which review it affects, and the username of the reviewer.

Due to the number of messages we receive, it may take some time to handle the request and respond. We therefore recommend that you flag reviews correctly in the first instance.

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