Get more customer feedback with multiple reviews

Repeat customers can leave a Trustpilot review after each buying or service experience, giving you valuable feedback and improving your visibility on Google.

How do multiple reviews help my business?

Here's some reasons why you should invite customers to leave multiple reviews about all the experiences they've had with your business:

  • Better customer insights - The more reviews you collect, the better you become at understanding your customers' needs. You'll get more accurate insights into your strengths and challenges, which you can use to make your business better.
  • Reveals customer loyalty - You'll get a better idea of who your repeat customers are and why they love your business.
  • New, relevant reviews - Your business is constantly improving and evolving. New customer reviews reflect any changes that you've made to your business.
  • Increased visibility in Google - Google loves fresh, relevant content, so collecting more reviews improves your Google presence and your ability to get a Seller Rating. A better Google presence can also increase traffic to your website.

Multiple reviews are completely free for all companies.

Can I control how often I invite my customers?

Absolutely. Manage the invitation frequency directly from the invitation settings in your business account.

Please read our Guidelines for Businesses to make sure that you're either inviting all customers to review you equally and identically, or that you're inviting them in an unbiased way.

What about my TrustScore?

Only the most recent review from a customer counts towards your TrustScore, but all reviews will count towards your total number of reviews. 

How will multiple reviews appear on my business profile page?

The newest review is shown on top. If you've replied, it will also be displayed here. Select the button below the review to read any earlier reviews.

Sample review that illustrates how to find earlier reviews

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