Send invitations with Business Generated Links

Business Generated Links are a great invitation method for businesses who prefer not to share customer PII (personally identifiable information) for privacy reasons. Here you can find an explanation of how to use them.


The Business Generated Links invitation method is only available to new Trustpilot Business customers in specific industries.

What is a Business Generated Link?

A Business Generated Link is a link that invites customers to leave service and product reviews without logging in to Trustpilot. When you use Business Generated Links, all other Trustpilot invitation methods will be disabled, except for Basic Invitations.

Each Business Generated Link is specific to a particular customer order, and is generated and stored on your business’s own server. The link can be sent to customers via email, allowing them to click through and write a review.

How does it work?

When your customer clicks on a Business Generated Link, they'll be forwarded to Trustpilot to write a review. Just prior to writing the review, the customer’s personal data is added to the form on their web browser. Personal data is encrypted, and is not stored with Trustpilot at this stage.

This data remains encrypted until a customer agrees to Trustpilot’s Terms and Conditions, and clicks to submit their review. Only at this final stage is their personal data processed and stored on Trustpilot's server.

Check out the flowchart below for a detailed look at the data’s journey.


What does a Business Generated Link look like?

Here is an example of a global link:<domain>?p=<payload>

In the example, the <domain> is replaced with your company’s website address, and the <payload> includes an encrypted version of your customer's name, email address, reference number, and optionally, service tags and product SKUs.

Intended implementation

We recommend using Business Generated Links with the Embedded Review Form, to ensure your customers won't have to sign in via Facebook or email to write a review. 

Note: Use of the Embedded Review Form is restricted, and the implementation does not allow your site and the Trustpilot site to communicate with each other.

How secure is customer data in a Business Generated Link?

With Business Generated Links, the entire <payload> is illegible using 256-bit AES encryption, to ensure secure transfer of personal data across the internet. 256-bit encryption is NSA approved and used by the U.S. federal government to securely transfer data over the internet.

What's the difference between Business Generated Links and Unique Links?

The main difference between Business Generated Links and Unique Links is the level of data protection for your customers’ data. Since Business Generated Links protect customer personal data using more advanced encryption, they offer more security. 

Ready to use Business Generated Links? To set them up, check out this article for developers.