Trustpilot’s Business Generated Links

Business Generated Links are invitation links designed primarily for companies who, for privacy reasons, prefer to send out review invitations themselves.

How does a Business Generated Link work?

When you choose to collect reviews using Business Generated Links, you generate a unique link per order, on your own server, and then dispatch the link to each customer, e.g. by email, independently of Trustpilot's server.

When your customer clicks on the link, they'll be forwarded to the review form on Just prior to writing the review, personal data is added to the form on the customer’s personal web browser. The customer’s email address is encoded/illegible, and personal data is not stored at this stage.

When the customer agrees to Trustpilot’s Terms & Conditions and submits their review, their personal data is processed and stored on Trustpilot's server (see diagram below).

What does a Business Generated Link look like?

Global link example:<domain>?p=<payload>.

To localize the link, remove the "www." and replace it with the appropriate country code, e.g.,<domain>?p=<payload> or<domain>?p=<payload>.

In the above example, the <domain> is replaced with your company’s website address, and <payload> includes an encrypted version of your customer's name, email address, reference number, and optionally, service tags and product SKUs.

Here’s a short description of how to format your data when collecting reviews on Trustpilot using Business Generated Links:

  1. If you're only collecting service reviews, include the following required fields: customer name, email address, reference number. Optionally, if you want to pre-tag reviews and enable business insights, then include the tags you want to apply to individual reviews as well.
  2. If you're collecting service and product reviews with a single invitation, include product SKUs for all the products your customer purchased, as well as the fields described above in point 1.

How secure is customer data in a Business Generated Link?

In Business Generated Links, the entire <payload> is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption to ensure secure transfer of personal data across the internet. 256-bit encryption is NSA approved and used by the US federal government to transfer data across the internet securely.

Ready to use Business Generated Links? We've created this guide for developers.