Why we don’t delete reviews of businesses from Trustpilot

We believe each review tells a story about a shopping or service experience, which can be useful information for consumers and businesses alike.

Consumers decide who is reviewed

We let consumers decide which businesses are reviewed on Trustpilot - it's not up to us. We simply host the content.

A profile page for each business or website is automatically created on our platform when a reviewer posts a review about that business or domain. If you’re a business owner, that means the person who wrote the first review of your business triggered your profile page on Trustpilot.*

Once a business profile is created, subsequent reviews about the business are collected on that profile page. These reviews are owned by their authors, and Trustpilot hosts them as user-generated content.

We don’t remove company profiles or reviews

Our values include transparency and openness. So once a company is reviewed on Trustpilot, we don’t remove the profile or the attached reviews.

This applies regardless of whether a company actively uses their account (including when the company has chosen to return its profile page to an unclaimed state) or subscribes to Trustpilot’s paid or free services. We also don’t remove reviews when the company is taken over by a new owner.

Unless we’re made aware of specific reviews that breach our rules (or the law), we aim to preserve consumers’ freedom of speech.

Online reviews can build trust and credibility

We understand that some companies have concerns about being reviewed online. But we also think this creates significant opportunities for businesses to engage with and learn from their customers. This includes building trust and credibility.

The internet has made it easier than ever before for people to share their experiences and feedback. Companies can now choose to what extent they want to take part in these online conversations. Trustpilot is one of many options available for gathering and using constructive business-consumer dialogue.

Embrace reviews as an opportunity to engage

We provide tools for businesses to directly engage with reviewers - including by leaving a response below each review. We offer this within a framework of rules to protect the integrity of reviews on our platform.

Using our platform is also free for everyone. Companies are welcome to engage with their customers on Trustpilot using a free account. If they’ve claimed their profile on Trustpilot, companies can log into their business account to do this. Otherwise, businesses can find out how to claim their profile for free with our short video here.

* Temporary profile pages are created when people search Trustpilot for companies specifically by domain (e.g. www.company.com). Unless reviews are subsequently posted on these domains, they are deleted after 14 days.