Trustpilot Analytics: Review Insights - Locations

This feature is part of the Insights add-on module.

This feature is included in the Premium, Advanced, and Enterprise plans.

Review Insights uses machine learning technology to detect topics, trends, and sentiments within your business’s reviews. Use the Locations page to see how each of your locations are performing. 

To find the Locations page, go to Analytics > Review insights > Locations.

Here, you’ll find a list of top five cities, from where in the world your reviews are coming from. We use the reviewer’s IP address to determine their location.

A list of all cities, as seen in the table below, is only available for the Advanced, and Enterprise plans. 

Review Insights Locations page

You’ll be able to see the number of reviews, average review score, and the distribution of the star ratings of reviews from each location. You can also see how the number of reviews and your average review score has changed compared to the previous period.

You can apply filters and sort by using the arrows next to City, Country, Reviews and Average review score.

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